NRG Bucke kicks off after xQc calls him an “NPC” for siding with Andrew Tate

Alec Mullins
xQc and Bucke kick off over Andrew Tate streamTwitch: xQc

Felix xQc’ Lengyel kicked things off by taking shots at Bucke after watching the young Fortnite pro sit in on a streamed conversation with Andrew Tate and HasanAbi, but things quickly spilled out elsewhere on the internet.

Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker and Andrew Tate’s debate was the talk of the town on July 21. The two clashed in a forty-minute long conversation that ultimately ended with the political Twitch star getting removed from the call, but that’s not the only bad blood that resulted from the stream.

While watching the VOD later, xQc insinuated that Fortnite pro Bucke was an “NPC” who was only there to defend Tate and not give Piker a fair shot – and what resulted afterward has caused quite a stir in its own right.

Fortnite pro Bucke tees off after xQc called him an NPC

It wasn’t long after the initial stream that Bucke saw the clip from Lengyel’s broadcast and fired off an angry response.

“You’re a b**ch. I know for a fact you’re not talking to me like that,” the 19-year-old pro player retorted.

xQc stuck to his guns and deemed the call-out a “certified NPC response,” but otherwise left it alone.

Bucke escalated the situation further though, claiming that the two of them could arbitrate their differences in a boxing match: “I think we should settle this in the ring.”

This isn’t the first time that the older Twitch star has found himself being challenged to a fight in recent months, with Rubius also taking his chance with a call-out back in June at Ibai’s record-breaking La Velada del Ano II event.

Nothing has come from that challenge yet, and it doesn’t seem like much will materialize from this one either, but that hasn’t stopped Bucke from continuing to take shots nearly 24 hours after their initial spat.