Noel Miller launches new podcast ‘Stretch and Fade’ with MeatCanyon

stretch and fade podcast noel miller interviewYouTube: TMG Studios

We spoke with comedian, rapper, and influencer Noel Miller about his brand new podcast, ‘Stretch and Fade,’ with co-host MeatCanyon in an exclusive interview.

Noel Miller is a man of many talents. While some fans might know him from his presence on YouTube, others might recognize him from his stand-up comedy, while still others might link him to his work in the music industry.

33-year-old Noel Miller is all of these things and more; he even directed a short comedic action flick called ‘Suki’ in 2019. Now, he’s earned widespread acclaim for his YouTube channel, where he boasts over 2.5 million subscribers, as well as his podcast, ‘Tiny Meat Gang.’

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The TMG podcast has hosted a slew of prominent guests over the years, such as YouTube star MrBeast, popular streamer TimTheTatMan, and even Chet Hanks, just to name a few.

Noel Miller & MeatCanyon kick off ‘Stretch and Fade’ podcast

Now, Miller is getting ready to kick off yet another podcast — and his pod partner is another big content creator who’s not exactly known for appearing on camera.

On Valentines Day 2023, the TMG Studios channel released a trailer for another major project coming from the minds of Noel Miller and Hunter ‘MeatCanyon‘ Hancock, a creator who’s best known for his viral — and oftentimes disturbing — comedic animations poking fun at pop culture.

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When asked why he chose MeatCanyon as his co-host, Miller pointed to their pre-existing relationship as hosts for the TMG podcast, where Hancock stepped in as a host from time to time.

“Hunter and I met for the first time on the TMG podcast,” Miller explained. “Some months later, Hunter jumped in as a co-host on TMG with me, and in that time, we talked a lot about film and personal creative projects. Individually, we have a lot of aspirations in the realm of film and generally enjoy chirping at each other, so we felt it could make a good dynamic for a regular show.”

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“I think Hunter has a hilarious point of view that people don’t get to hear directly through his animations,” he added. “In that way, he draws comedy and thoughts out of me that I don’t think I express in other contexts.”

Stretch and Fade will focus on film & art with “unexpected” guests

Stretch and Fade certainly has a different vibe from the TMG podcast, and there’s a reason why. According to Miller, this new podcast will primarily discuss movies and art.

This doesn’t come as a huge surprise, given Miller’s own experience in creating short films (as well as the humorous trailer he and MeatCanyon crafted for their forthcoming show). As such, Miller says that fans can look forward to some “unexpected” guests as their latest venture evolves and expands.

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“Hunter and I have good comedic chemistry and we’re excited to watch the show develop as we record episodes,” he teased. “We already have some unexpected guest ideas that we feel will be very entertaining. The show will have a lot of discussion about film and art but still rooted in comedy.”

Stretch and Fade cover artTMG Studios
Stretch and Fade will focus on film and art.

In fact, Miller talked a little bit about the making of the Stretch and Fade teaser, claiming that he wanted to reflect his love of film in the action-packed advertisement.

“The show will have a focus on film, and I wanted to reflect that in the trailer, so people have a general idea of the tone,” he clarified. “Shooting on film is something I’ve been exploring more as a director lately, so this felt like a great opportunity to do so.”

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Noel Miller talks being an influencer, comedian, and more

This is just the latest project for Miller, who is currently in Australia for his ‘Everything is F*cked’ comedy tour. He revealed how he’s able to handle his massive workload, between his ongoing tour, his YouTube channels, and this upcoming project with Meat Canyon.

“I have a supportive cast around me that I can trust with my ideas and direction,” he said. “It’s taken a good chunk of time to get to this point. I spent the last year and a half trying to nail down a creative process that sits between honest and efficient.”

However, out of all his titles, Miller claims that he prefers to be labeled as a “comedian” at present, although he admitted the decision was a “tough” one.

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How to watch the Stretch and Fade podcast

As for the future, Miller says both he and Hunter “have a couple goals in mind,” but are entertaining the idea of hosting a small film festival, where they might produce a few scripted projects of their own.

For now, fans can look forward to catching the first episode of the Stretch and Fade podcast on February 20 at 3 PM PT, which can be viewed on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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