Noel Miller & Cody Ko roast TMG podcaster for exposing feet pics he was “scammed” out of

YouTube: TMG Studios

Cody Ko and Noel Miller tore their fellow co-host Ben Cahn to shreds while being kept in hysterics on ‘The 8 Ball Special’ as he explained how he was scammed into providing feet pics.

Noel Miller and Cody Ko, vine comedians turned YouTube celebrities ran a ‘podcasting extravaganza’ by pulling on the finance-targeted ‘Trillionaire Mindset’ hosts Ben Cahn and Emil De Rosa for the hour-long ‘8 Ball Special’.

Quickly derailing the podcast, Ben detailed recent foot-based escapades, saying he posted a picture of his foot onto Instagram, leading to DM’s from a burner account asking if he’d be willing to sell more photos of his feet.

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So far, so much a standard day on the internet, with Amouranth recently exposing the intense level of thirst she finds in her own private messages across multiple platforms.

Continuing the conversation, however, Ben shows that the account requested a series of photos and videos in specific poses. Offering ‘500 BHD’ (the currency of Bahrain) in exchange. Which works out to close to $1300 USD.

YouTube: TMG studios
Backing up the outlandish claims, Ben had images of the conversation with the burner account displaying the types of pics he was after.

His co-hosts lost it at this point in the conversation, with Cody declaring: “I can’t f**king believe you’re actually taking this guy up on this,” before pointing out that Ben is dealing with “the worst negotiator in the world” as the man turned down twenty dollars while offering thirteen hundred.

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Picking up on the too good to be true nature of the deal, Ben clarified “It’s a red flag right there, should’ve recognized immediately. Scam.”

Cody bit back at the entrepreneurial attempt, saying “please tell me you didn’t f**king do this. I wanna crawl out of my skin.”

Yelling at the other three to ‘listen’ as they erupt into tears of laughter, Ben tried to shout the others down, begging “don’t hate me, don’t judge me, I don’t care” before admitting “I do.”

The back and forth between the burner account and Ben continues, culminating in the podcaster and Twitter comedian to agree to a half up front, half after payment, and then providing three pics and a video of him wiggling his toes in the air.

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Ben closes out his description of the interaction stating that the man ended up bailing on the conversation after receiving the images.

“Then something happened really fast,” he explained. “He double-clicked and liked all of them. The last thing I said was ‘Hello’, then ‘Come on man’. And guess what, the account’s gone now.”