Nobru makes swap from Twitch to YouTube Gaming in another exclusive deal

Nobru Signs with YouTube announcement videoYouTube: Nobru

Well-known Brazilian streamer ‘Nobru’ has announced he will be partnering to have all his streaming content on YouTube. He is the first official YouTuber Gaming partner in Brazil, and is another example of a big name making the jump to the platform.

He might not be well-known in the western world, but Nobru has been making waves in the Portuguese-speaking gaming community as one of the biggest content creators.

However, he’s leaving his 3.7 million Twitch followers behind as he becomes the next in a long line of streamers making the jump to YouTube Gaming.

Nobru himself announced the news on June 28 via a minute-long video package. The clip essentially worked as a recap and overview of his career and trajectory, with the final moments then revealing his YouTube deal.

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He reflected on his journey and how it all really took off when he began to go viral on Youtube for his gaming videos and that now, he will be returning to the place that started it all.

“But who says there’s no going back”, said Nobru, who then went on to confirm that “I came home, and I came back to go further.”

Lester Chen, the Global Head of Gaming Creators for YouTube, confirmed the news on Twitter shortly after.

In the tweet, Chen expressed his excitement at having such a big star sign on exclusively with the brand. He also highlighted just how impressive Nobru’s rise to stardom has been.

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“​​Words can’t do justice to describe his ascent from the favelas of Brazil to becoming one of the largest gaming personalities in the country.”

Who is Nobru?

Bruno ‘Nobru’ Goes is one of the world’s most recognizable gaming icons and became a breakout star due to his success as one of the best Garena Free Fire players.

He notably shot to fame at the Free Fire World Series in 2019, where he was voted the MVP for his performance throughout the tournament representing Corintians. 

Since then, Nobru has become the most recognizable gaming figure in all of Brazil and has continued creating content across multiple platforms, appeared on talk shows and acquired a variety of partnerships and sponsorships.

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Nobru is the first big Brazilian to be picked up for YouTube Gaming.

In recent years, the rivalry between YouTube and Twitch has continued to grow following many high profile streamers choosing to jump ship from Twitch and head over to YouTube.

In the past couple months, YouTube has continued to make efforts and has recently signed another streamer, Sykkuno, to its lineup.

Dr Disrespect, TimTheTatman, Ludwig, and more made the swap in the months and years before.

More big Twitch streamers are also likely to be moving across to YouTube if streamer Disguised Toast’s comment in May have any truth to them.

Ludwig streaming on YouTubeYouTube: Ludwig
A number of big names have swapped from Twitch to YouTube Gaming in the last 12 months, including Ludwig.

Nobru is the latest high profile streamer to strike up a partnership with YouTube however, it seems likely more big signings could be announced soon.

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