Noah Beck surprises Dixie D’Amelio with insane Valentine’s trip

Georgina Smith
Noah Beck next to Dixie D'Amelio
YouTube: Noah Beck / Instagram: dixiedamelio

TikTok star Noah Beck surprised girlfriend Dixie D’Amelio with an insane trip to Catalina Island in California as a Valentine’s day gift, and it looked incredible, with fans gushing over how cute the gesture was.

One of the most exciting things for fans of popular influencers on TikTok is seeing relationships form between the creators in real-time. Couples like Bryce Hall and Addison Rae are up there among the most popular couples on the app, and fans love watching collaborative content between the different creators.

Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio are another example of one of the most popular couples among fans, and their adorable relationship has had people glued to their screens as they watch the relationship blossom.

Dixie D'Amelio and Noah Beck look into each others eyes at a table
Instagram: dixiedamelio
Noah and Dixie confirmed they were dating in October.

Fans will already know that Noah is a very thoughtful gift-giver, as back in December for a cross-creator secret Santa, he bought Dixie’s younger sister Charli a box full of gifts to open on different occasions or when she’s feeling certain emotions.

Naturally, this has set the bar high for any gifts he gives to people following, but he more than delivered on this year’s Valentine’s gift for Dixie.

In a vlog uploaded on February 18, Noah explained that Dixie had no idea where they were going and that he’d just told her to pack her bags. He showed viewers that he’d also got her two boxes of Venus et Fleur flowers, among other gifts, with which he asked her to be his Valentine.

The footage then shows the pair set off to the island in a helicopter, giving them amazing views of the water from above.

After going on a guided tour and checking into their stunning hotel room, Noah and Dixie then challenged themselves by doing some ziplining. While Dixie was shaking with nerves, Noah had no problem jumping from the ledge and zipping one-handed across the landscape below.

The trip had fans praising Noah’s thoughtfulness and had fun watching the pair enjoy a quiet few days away from the craziness of influencer life.