Noah Beck still “loves” James Charles amid grooming allegations

Charlotte Colombo
Instagram: Noah Beck/James Charles

In a conversation with paparazzi, TikTok star Noah Beck appeared to pledge his support to YouTube star James Charles in light of grooming accusations by minors against him.

Beauty YouTuber James Charles is close friends with the TikTok community, frequently appearing in content with stars like Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, and Addison Rae. He has also stricken an especially close friendship with former Sway boy Noah Beck, with fans even spreading rumors that the two were dating in July on account of their closeness.

In light of this, reporters at The Hollywood Fix quizzed Noah and his girlfriend, Dixie, about the situation as they tried to back out of the parking lot at Saddle Ranch on 6 March.

Fletcher, a paparazzo working for Hollywood Fix asked the couple: “How has sister James been holding up with all the controversy?”

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While a visibly-uncomfortable Dixie ignored the question, humming and avoiding eye contact, Noah said in response: “I love James,” before backing out of the parking lot in his car.

In an earlier question, both Noah and Dixie agreed that James was an “amazing singer” when asked, with Beck saying that he was trying to encourage Charles to go professional.

This isn’t the first time influencers have faced awkward questions about other stars who have had allegations waged against them. TikTok star Hannah Stocking recently used a ‘fake Hannah’ as a decoy for the paparazzi in order to avoid questions about her breakup with Ondreaz Lopez who, along with his brother Tony Lopez, has been accused of having relations with minors.

YouTube: Larray
Noah Beck and James Charles are known for their close friendship.

Still, other TikTokers have remained silent on the James Charles’ accusations. Some fans suspected that Addison Rae was subtweeting him last week, where she posted-and-deleted that she was, ‘disappointed but not surprised’ on the same weekend that three people came forward with accusations against James.

However, given that rumors her boyfriend Bryce Hall has cheated on her have exploded since then, other fans think it is likely that the Tweets were directed at Hall rather than James.

Now that James is back to making YouTube videos, it remains to be seen if any TikTokers will be once again collabing with him or keeping their distance with what’s all going on.