Noah Beck responds to Dixie D’Amelio & Griffin Johnson dating rumors

Noah Beck responds to Dixie breakup rumorsYouTube: Noah Beck, BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards, Griffin Johnson

TikTok star Noah Beck is hitting back at rumors that sprouted over the weekend after Dixie D’Amelio and her ex-boyfriend, Griffin Johnson, were purportedly spotted at a club together.

Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio are one of TikTok’s most popular couples.

The two initially got together in October 2021 after hinting at their romance with some PDA in Dixie’s ‘Be Happy’ music video.

Since then, they’ve been like two peas in a pod — but lately, the couple has been plagued with breakup rumors.

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Fans pretend not to know Dixie D'Amelio Noah beck on OmeagleYouTube: Dixie D'Amelio
Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck went public after appearing together for a smooch in Dixie’s ‘Be Happy’ music video.

In December 2021, fans grew concerned that ‘Doah’ was donion-rings after a fan asked if Noah and Dixie had broken up. Beck responded with a short “Nah,” which many fans took as a joke, seeing as their pics with each other were still up on Instagram.

Noah Beck replies to a TikTok commentTikTok
Noah Beck sparked breakup rumors after making this comment on TikTok last year.

Months later, however, fans are once again speculating that these TikTokers’ relationship is on the rocks after a certain video went viral.

It looks like Dixie D’Amelio and ex-boyfriend Griffin Johnson were spotted at a club for a Triller event around Valentine’s Day 2022, sparking rumors that the two had gotten back together.

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That these rumors must made their way over to Beck, who spoke out about the situation in a pointed tweet.

“You know I love you guys more than anything, but let’s stop jumping to conclusions, okay?” he wrote. “It’s not unfair to anyone.”

He later clarified in comments on the TikTokInsiders Instagram page that he’d meant to type “fair” instead of “unfair.”

Both Dixie and Noah have not commented on the speculation on any of their social platforms, although Dixie did wish fans a Happy Valentine’s Day while Griffin claimed the 14th is an “overrated holiday.”

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This latest drama comes nearly a year after the Dixie and Noah decided to take their relationship offline in response to “assumptions” like this one currently taking over their TikTok comments sections.

For now, there’s no telling what’s going on between the couple — but until they make a statement, it’s safe to assume they’re still together.