Noah Beck “queer baiting” accusations bring up Harry Styles comparison

Noah Beck while filmingYouTube: Noah Beck

Noah Beck has faced some accusations of “queer baiting” after revealing the results of another racy photoshoot for VMAN magazine in which he wears fishnet tights and high heels.

Noah is a 19-year-old social media star who, after joining popular TikTok collective Sway House along with stars like Bryce Hall, found that his following skyrocketed, making him a very popular member of the community.

The TikTok sensation is known for his chiseled abs and muscular physique, so it’s no surprise that he’s participated in several photoshoots that leave little to the imagination.

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His latest set of pictures were for VMAN magazine as part of an interview covering how he went from soccer player to TikTok star and how his life has changed. The images feature Beck clad in Calvin Klein underwear, heavy black eye makeup and a leather jacket.


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What drew the most attention, however, was a striking black and white image showing the star leaning back on a chair and staring intensely at the camera wearing jeans, fishnet tights and high heels.

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However, some reacted to the shoot with accusations of queer baiting, a term used for teasing the idea that someone is queer to appeal to wider audiences. Twitter said, “It’s called queer baiting and y’all falling for it.” Another person said, “this queer baiting has to be put to an end.”

Others brought up the backlash to when Harry Styles wore a stunning dress for his appearance on the cover of Vogue. While Harry is known for his androgynous style, opinions were divided. At the time Candace Owens tweeted “Bring back manly men,” which was then ridiculed on the platform by thousands.

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Drawing a comparison to Noah’s shoot, one Twitter user wrote, “I’m not a fan of his but as a gay, non-binary drag queen I don’t see how this is wrong at all. There’s a very obvious bias here, Noah beck is bad for wearing heels but no one thinks is wrong that Harry Styles wears a dress? Even though they’re both straight? The hypocrisy.”

This isn’t the first time Noah has put out a racy photoshoot. In January, Noah raised eyebrows and even had his post taken down by Instagram, after sharing some very revealing photographs taken by celebrity photographer Damon Baker.

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