Noah Beck gets massive praise for “wholesome” Caitlyn Jenner interview

Charlotte Colombo. Last updated: Apr 18, 2021
Noah Beck praised for Caitlyn Jenner interview
YouTube: Noah Beck

In the latest edition of his YouTube series ‘Beckseat Driver,’ Noah Beck had his most high-profile guest to date as he interviewed former Olympian, reality TV star and activist Caitlyn Jenner.

The half-hour interview is already proving a hit on his YouTube channel, although it took Caitlyn a while to understand why they weren’t driving for an interview series based in a car.

Beck started off by asking Jenner questions about her Olympics career, admitting that as a soccer player, he looked up to Caitlyn as a “mentor” growing up. Jenner attributed a lot of her success to her “tough mindset,” explaining to Beck that having an “athletic mind” is just as important as having an “athletic body.”

“The people that have both are a rare breed and come around every 20-30 years,” Caitlyn explained. “It’s people like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods back in his day.”

“I had an okay body, but I had a really tough mind, and when I needed to bring out a performance I could.” However, despite her astounding success as a decathlete, Caitlyn explained that this didn’t make her experiences of gender dysphoria go away.

“I remember waking up one morning after the [1976 Olympic] Games, putting on my gold medal, looking in the mirror and thinking: ‘Who is that guy? Have I built up this character so well that I’m going to be stuck with him for the rest of my life?’ Explaining how she threw herself into marriages and raising children (including the famous Kardashian and Jenner children), Caitlyn said that it was only when her children had grown up that she realized that she “needed to do something for me.”

Growing up, Caitlyn told Beck that she had always had a “fascination” with her sisters and mother, and would dress up in their clothes while they were gone but “never quite knowing why” she felt compelled to do so – this habit of dressing in women’s clothes in private is a habit she continued in private until she was able to transition.

Unknown (Associated Press), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Caitlyn discussed her extraordinary sports career with Noah Beck who, prior to his TikTok fame, was also a keen sportsman.

However, thinking back to her 23-year marriage with Kris Jenner, Caitlyn said that although the marriage ended in divorce, her time with the Kardashians were “great years” and that she had “no regrets” about that time of her life.

As the interview winded down, Caitlyn decided to take the drivers seat and take Noah out for a spin, as they discussed topics like their favorite snacks, classic rock and the TV show ‘Survivor’.

With Beck taking a more laid-back approach to the interview, largely letting Caitlyn lead the conversation, fans were full of praise for the young influencer.

One YouTube user said that Noah was “so respectful and wholesome, it’s actually crazy”, while another fan said: “I’m only a few minutes in but I have to say much respect to Noah, who at 19, is even having this rich conversation. I’m impressed as someone who’s been checking out some of the TikTik-famous people just out of curiosity for why they’ve blown up so big.”