No one can figure out how this person closed a plane window with their foot in viral TikTok

. 14 days ago Kevin Woblick / TikTok: regurgitatedcelery

A seriously flexible passenger on a plane is taking TikTok by storm after they managed to close the window behind them with their toes.

We’ve all had the odd unfortunate interaction on a plane. Whether it’s the person behind you kicking your seat or someone sitting beside you who doesn’t understand the concept of personal space, air travel can be an especially grueling affair.

However, everything we know about horrible plane passengers is being thrown out the window thanks to one particular TikTok that’s taking the internet by storm.

On June 15, TikTok user ‘regurgitatedcelery’ (creativity points for that name) uploaded a video that’s confusing basically everyone online.

TikTok plane video goes viral John McArthur
Air travel isn’t always a positive experience… but this TikTok had a plain weird one during her flight.

In the clip, the TikToker shows the person sitting in the window seat in front of them reaching back behind the seat to shut down the window shade…. With their foot.

It seems like an impossible feat of human flexibility — bordering on contortionist-level skills — and commenters are totally baffled.

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The video has racked up over 7 million views as users chime in on how exactly this feat was accomplished… as well as how disturbing it is to put one’s bare feet in someone else’s space in a cramped aircraft.

“I want to know how they’re sitting to do that,” one person wrote.

“Could be they have an empty row and are laying down with their head on the aisle seat,” someone replied.

“Some people are super flexible and choose not to ever use their hands again,” another joked.

TikTok airplane toes comment 1

Still others are completely dumbfounded — about as stunned as the poor guy in the video.

“What are you even supposed to do in this situation?” another user wrote.

“Never in my whole entire life have I ever seen such a thing,” someone else said.

tikTok airplane toes comment 2

That’s not the end of this saga: the TikToker uploaded two more videos detailing the flexible foot phenomenon, where the person sitting behind them threatened to tickle their tootsies.

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This is one of the strangest videos we’ve seen on TikTok — and we’ve seen a lot, like this lady who claims she can speak an alien language.

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