Nmplol reveals his “disgusting” room just like xQc after one day of gaming

nmplol room tour messy on TwitchTwitter: Nmplol

xQc fans may have been horrified to see the state of his streaming room, but fellow streamer and housemate Nick Polom, aka Nmplol, sympathizes – showing what his room looked like after just one day of gaming.

On July 5, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was reacting to Pokimane’s immaculate room tour, when he decided he should show off his own.

But, despite his fame and success as a streamer, Lengyel has never been one to splash out on the usual streamer luxuries. Instead, he keeps it simple, with a desk, two monitors, and a PC.

What really got fans’ attention though, was the uncleanliness of the room, with empty drinks and food waste strewn around and over his desk. And this seems to be standard for xQc, matching his room tour from way back in 2019.

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xqc's messy roomTwitch/xQc
xQc’s room was in dire need of some cleaning.

Nmplol, who is also a streamer, but more often streams IRL and Just Chatting than gaming content, made his own response to xQc’s ‘disgusting’ room.

Explaining that he and partner Malena had played games for a single day, their room ended up in a similarly unclean state – and only after a single day.

“Me and Malena played Rust for 12 hours, for the first time. We rarely ever play games. Look at the aftermath. This is just one day, of playing games 12 hours a day.”

He also mentioned Asmongold, as another streamer who often gets criticized for the messy state of his setup.

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Of course, not all streamers are so untidy. xQc has previously mocked streamers who put far too much effort into their streaming rooms with his famous ‘six consoles’ rant – but it’s true that some professional streamers take a lot of care over their space.

The likes of Ninja and NICKMERCS have fully kitted out workspaces for their stream setups, and Pokimane’s own setup – which started the ‘room tour’ trend – is full of gadgets and kept immaculate.