Nintendo community outraged over lack of Etika tribute in Youtube Rewind

Virginia Glaze
Etika Instagram post
Instagram: Etika

YouTube Rewind 2019 showcased some of the platform’s most popular creators, channels, and rising talent – but not everyone is pleased with the video in wake of a tragedy that occurred earlier in the year.

YouTube star and Smash Bros enthusiast Desmond “Etikah” Amofah was declared deceased by the NYPD on June 24 after going missing six days prior.

Amofah’s body was reportedly recovered from the East River, nearly half a mile away from the Manhattan Bridge, where it is believed he jumped.

Etika, Instagram
Popular YouTuber and Smash Bros community figure Etika was declared deceased by NYPD in June.

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The sudden tragedy rocked the internet star’s fanbase, who flocked to the bridge for an emotional memorial in wake of his passing – an event that saw interaction from other major names across the online entertainment sphere.

With YouTube Rewind 2019 praising some of the site’s top talent, fans of Etika are criticizing the platform for not featuring the entertainer in its “best of” highlight reel, including Amofa’s ex-girlfriend, “Alice Pika.”

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“The only time Etika would be relevant enough in a YouTube Rewind, and he was snubbed because they decided to do a category top 5 instead of honoring the people that impacted internet culture this year,” she wrote of the issue.

Alice isn’t alone in her thinking: Smash Bros caster and Nintendo ambassador “D1” also spoke out on the matter in a heartfelt Tweet that same day.

“I don’t need a YouTube Rewind to remember what effect you had on me, and others worldwide,” he wrote. “We still miss you my dude, wish you were still here.”

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Other commenters agreed with this sentiment, arguing that, rather than opting for a “best of” video, the platform should have highlighted creators who impacted the scene.

“Instead of doing what they do every year, and getting people together to make a big fun video they just… made a literal highlight reel,” one fan said. “…I really do think that there should have been some sort of memorial for Etika in some way.”

Thus far, this year’s YouTube Rewind has been met with mixed reviews, with many feeling that the site put in little effort in wake of the backlash from last year’s video – which became the most disliked upload in the platform’s history.