Ninomae Ina’nis sends Hololive fans heartfelt letter to celebrate second anniversary

Ninomae Ina'nis from Hololive waving fanYouTube: Ninomae Ina'nis

Ninomae Ina’nis has sent her takodashis a heartfelt letter with the Hololive VTuber celebrating her second anniversary on September 13. After the group stream, Ina reflected on her journey through the wild year of 2022, and thanked fans for their support.

Hololive English has turned two, and the Myth girls got together to celebrate their joint anniversary on September 13 with a crazy 360-degree camera stream set up by Amelia Watson.

It was a big affair for the five of them, including the more reserved Ninomae Ina’nis. While she can sometimes be quiet on stream, she poured her heart out to fans on Twitter with a heartfelt letter to celebrate her debut anniversary later in the day.

Addressing her beloved takodachis, Ina looked back on what a wild two years it’s been for Myth’s star artist: “Looking back, there have been so many memorable memories from the last two years! So many that I honestly can’t remember all of them off the top of my head.

“I just want to say how grateful I am to be surrounded by the most amazing and passionate fans! I think sometimes we can feel isolated or lost with how chaotic life can be, but seeing everyone’s support for not only me but everyone in the community has always given me motivation and encouragement to try harder.”

Ina has grown from strength to strength as a VTuber, pushing to nearly 1.5 million subscribers at the time of her second anniversary. She never believed she’d have the confidence in herself to do this, but her fans have only made it easier.

“I’ve never been the type to be able to stand in front of so many people and be able to properly talk (or function), and there were countless times I’ve doubted myself ⁠— and I think I always will ⁠— but I’ve learned to brush off those doubts and go next thanks to everyone.

“Thank you all for believing in me. I hope we can continue to make lots and lots of fun memories in the future. Happy second anniversary and cheers to many more.”

That wasn’t it for Ina’s second anniversary, with the VTuber putting on a stream for herself and her fans which included plenty of karaoke and reflecting on the year that’s been ⁠— including the Council debut, her debut in HoloGra, as well as what it meant to be a part of holoFes.

“I watched Fubuki’s debut and I’ve been a fan for a long time, but I wasn’t fully drawn into VTubers until I watched the first fes,” she reflected. “I remember tearing up a little bit watching them sing Shiny Smily Story ⁠— I was like ‘is this what it feels like to cheer on for idols and your oshis?’ 

“It felt special back then, but during [the] third fes, seeing myself up on stage with everyone, really hit different. Seeing all of ID performing as well and thinking about all we went through was really emotional.

“Everyone was on the border on participating and performing and showing our 3D first there. In the end it was worth it, it was the right choice.

“Everyone worked so so hard ⁠— not only the members but all the staff behind the scenes too, they did their best to accommodate for us, and I’m glad everyone had a lot of fun. I know the fourth festival and expo has been announced during the fifth anniversary program, so we will work hard towards that too.”