Ninja’s Twitch viewership drops by 50% but he’s still in a great spot


Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’s viewership is at an all-time low as the once superstar streamer continues to stream everything but Fortnite. Despite this, he is at one of the best points of his streaming career.

Not too long ago, Ninja was the biggest streamer on Twitch and was the poster boy for all gaming streamers. At his peak, he was playing Fortnite with Drake and sporting the highest subscriber count on all of Twitch at 250,000 subs.

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Ninja made his name through Fortnite, as he was the biggest streamer for the title when it exploded into the huge hit it is today. He even has his very own skin in the game, showing how influential he’s been to the community.

Recently, Ninja hasn’t been streaming much Fortnite, though, and his viewership reflects that. Although Ninja is still number one on Twitch in followers at 16.7 million, his streams are not receiving the swathes of viewers they once did.

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NINJAEpic Games
Ninja was one of the first to receive an ICON Series skin.

Ninja leaves Fortnite behind

Ninja’s average viewership per stream is down to 3,600, which is good for a 50% drop in the month of July 2021. Ninja has only streamed a total of 89 hours in July, which is a big decline from previous months.

In the entire month of July 2021, Ninja streamed Fortnite twice for a total of six hours, despite pulling in over 10,000 viewers on average when he plays the battle royale.

Instead, Ninja’s most-streamed game for July was actually Final Fantasy XI, the nearly 20-year-old MMO that Ninja rated as his favorite game of all time in his visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He streamed the game for 70 hours in July, by far his most streamed game. Ninja’s FFXI streams were netting an average of just above 2,000 viewers.

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Ninja hasn’t streamed much Fortnite at all since his comeback to Twitch in September 2020. The Epic Games title sits outside of Ninja’s top three games streamed in the last year, beaten out by Valorant, League of Legends, and Final Fantasy XI. It seems that Ninja is now comfortable streaming whatever games he wants to play to a smaller audience.

This allows him the freedom to play whatever games he wants, and still have his loyal viewers in chat, enjoying the ride.

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