Ninja’s new rebrand gets roasted on social media: “Artistically it’s awful”

ninja new logoInstagram: Ninja, Twitter: @ninja

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has long been the most recognized face in gaming. Now he is drawing massive attention to a new logo, with fans a mixture of disappointment and confused. 

Ninja has just made a series of massive announcements, including an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. All in promotion of a new logo as part of a wider ‘rebrand.’

While Ninja, has long drawn ire for his various stunts, his Twitter post captioned “Same Ninja… new branding” has caught the eye of brands, teams, and fans across the world who couldn’t resist poking a bit of fun at the excessive rebranding hype.

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Responding directly to Ninja’s twitter post one user posted images of the old and new logo’s side-by-side saying “Respectfully, this is one of the worst rebrands I’ve ever seen”

In response to our own post on the Dexerto Twitter page asking for opinions, fans were quick and cruel with the comparisons.

“Artistically it’s awful….No reason for I and J to be so bold. The spikes look like a Sonic production. Really I don’t get it as a brand/logo.”

Not all the comments were entirely negative though. Some tried to offer a helping hand. Including professional branding agencies chimed in with their takes on how they would’ve done better.

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Team Sentinels parodied the logo announcement on Twitter with their own image in the color scheme of the new Ninja artwork.

Despite the occasional positive retweet claiming there was never any need for a change. “What was wrong with the old logo? Just curious to know why the change is all. They’re both really awesome.”

The overwhelming response is far from inspiring for the content creator.

The rebrand itself, courtesy of EAT studios has garnered some, limited, positive responses, which the streamer has been quick to retweet, showing his awareness of the response towards the attempted rebrand but he hasn’t yet addressed the negative feedback directly.

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