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Entertainment • Dec 01, 2018

Ninja's Final Mouse revealed after months of hype

Ninja's Final Mouse revealed after months of hype

The hype is over as the Final Mouse and Ninja collaboration has finally produced the highly anticipated gaming mouse.


Final Mouse and Ninja announced they were working on a new product together and a giant marketing campaign followed, featuring big time streamers and even an animated cartoon starring Ninja.

Not everyone was impressed with the campaign, however.


The all-new mouse was revealed at a pop up shop in Los Angeles, where fans lined up around the block for a chance at buying the hyped product.


Images of the Final Mouse x Ninja mouse can be seen below.

The new mouse plays on Ninja's theme and features a scroll wheel with Japanese characters spelling out a haiku.

The mouse is named the "Air58 Ninja" and weighs in at 58 grams. 

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