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Ninja reveals who’s the better gamer between PewDiePie and Drake

Published: 7/Jun/2019 22:23 Updated: 7/Jun/2019 22:50

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Fortnite Battle Royale star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is no stranger to fame, having broadcasted with rapper Drake, and now, YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg – who asked a hilarious question of Ninja during their stint in KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite tournament.

Both Ninja and PewDiePie teamed up for the return of KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite tournament series, a massively popular competitive project that took a sudden hiatus due to scheduling conflicts with Epic’s Summer Skirmish series in 2018.

However, KEEMSTAR’s tournament has since made its grand return, seeing major faces in online entertainment participating in the fray – which resulted in a hilarious interaction between PewDiePie and Ninja, in the process.

Ninja, TwitchPewDiePie wanted to know who was the better gamer between himself and Drake – to which Ninja gave a hilarious answer.

Ninja was in the middle of gathering materials in a game when PewDiePie presented him with a humorous question, asking if he or Drake were the better gamer, between the two of them.

“Whos the better gamer, me or Drake?” PewDiePie asked. “Come on, let’s hear it.”

Ninja laughed in response to Kjellberg’s query, admitting that Drake was the more skilled gamer – which prompted an incredulous response from the Swede.

“Don’t fucking embarrass me,” PewDiePie joked. “Fuck off. …I resurrected you!”

Ninja added to the hilarity by mimicking rapper Soulja Boy’s infamous “Draaaake?” line from the ‘Breakfast Club’ podcast as PewDiePie continued his tirade.

Despite his views on Kjellberg’s gaming skills, Ninja joked that Drake “couldn’t touch” PewDiePie’s T-Series diss tracks, which were ultimately banned in India amidst his vicious YouTube battle with Bollywood label T-Series in early April.

Ninja and PewDiePie’s collaboration in Friday Fortnite saw hilarious reactions from personalities across Twitter, with the likes of 100 Thieves’ Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop joking that PewDiePie was “carrying” Ninja in their game.

Unfortunately, the duo were knocked into the Losers’ bracket by Fortnite pros TSM Myth and Team Liquid’s Poach, forcing PewDiePie to bow out of the tournament due to the ensuing length of breaks between matches – setting the stage for last-minute rule change that allowed TimTheTatMan to sub for PewDiePie to keep Ninja in the runnings.

Friday Fortnite has reportedly seen mass viewership across the board, with Twitch’s chat even reportedly crashing due to the number of fans tuning into the action.

The series will make a return on June 14, with controversial YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI taking their rivalry to the digital realm ahead of their boxing rematch in November 2019.


YouTuber Trisha Paytas urges Shane Dawson to “take accountability” for treating her poorly

Published: 24/Jan/2021 21:01

by Charlotte Colombo


Content creator and influencer Trisha Paytas has called out YouTuber Shane Dawson and his fiance Ryland Adams for not “taking accountability” for their actions following her revelations about Jeffree Star and HairbyJay last week. 

In a series of TikToks, Paytas insists that it is unfair that the two are able to just go about their lives without taking accountability for their actions.

She said: “They never  have to take accountability for anything. They don’t learn, they don’t get it. They’ll have an apology, throw therapy in there, but they don’t change. And it’s not okay.”

“The amount of trauma and trust issues I have from this are far greater than anything any ex-boyfriend or daddy issues could give me,” she continued. “This is someone I’ve never lied to and never said one bad word about for twelve years.”


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Paytas added: “I find out every day, more and more nasty s**t he said about me.”

“It just goes to show what horrible human beings they are. They think that if they don’t address stuff, it just goes away,” she said.  “And that is the truth, because a lot of people won’t have to take accountability for their actions and for being a s**tty person because the internet forgets stuff and the drama moves on.”

Paytas also dubbed Dawson’s fiance Adams a “weasel,” saying that he “couldn’t wait to talk about it” because “he was so happy to have a little bit of spotlight on him.”


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She also called out Shane in a TikTok pointedly titled: “Signs you’re in a toxic friendship (but don’t wait twelve years to end it).”

Some of the “signs” she mentioned include: “says they won’t support you publicly because it gives them anxiety (but does it for other people),” “stops showing up in-person for any important events,” “they only call you when their other friendships aren’t working out,” “they trigger you on purpose to go off on people on their behalf,” “tries to convince you to ‘move on’ from trauma that makes them look bad” and “tells you they ‘don’t want to believe what you’re saying’ when you’re opening up to them.”

Shane and Ryland are yet to comment publicly on the situation.