Ninja reacts to Steve Harvey claiming the Twitch superstar makes $1.5m a month

Family Feud host Steve Harvey showcased how much money Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins makes from streaming in a hilarious monologue to his audience, all while Ninja fact-checked.

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It’s no surprise to viewers of Ninja that he makes a lot of money while streaming but it can be harder for people on the outside looking in to understand.

Steve Harvey did his best to explain to the crowd what Ninja does and how he makes money doing it, even if he got a couple of things wrong and had some missteps along the way.

Twitch: NinjaNinja is arguably the face of Twitch.
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Tyler the who?

“I was introducing this um dude from um uh uh Fortnite star,” Harvey said. “And then, when I was reading it, the teleprompter glitched right quick and I said ‘Please welcome Tyler the N-.'”

Perhaps the teleprompter was saving him from making a mistake as he would be introduced as Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins rather than Tyler the Ninja.

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Harvey asked the crowd if anyone knew who Ninja was and it sounded like not many people had. Luckily, the comedian was there to give an explanation.

“You know, he was on Family Feud a year ago and I asked him what he did,” Harvey said. “He said ‘I play video games’ and I said ‘Man, you need to a get a fuckin’ job.'”

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The next day at the Super Bowl, Harvey talked about how he found out how much Ninja actually makes.

“The kid makes, and I found out that night, he makes 1 million, 1.5 million dollars a month.”

Ninja said on his stream that isn’t true and indicated Harvey’s comments were a slight exaggeration. Harvey explained that viewers would donate money just to get a simple thank you from Ninja and to have their name on the screen.

To his credit, Ninja said Harvey did a pretty decent job explaining everything to the crowd. Of course, Harvey had to get a jab at his kids in there after seeing how much money is really up for grabs from playing video games.

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“I’m looking at my kids like what the fuck ya’ll been doing.”

While these numbers might have been true for much of 2018, Ninja’s sub count and viewership have come down back to earth in 2019.

He’s still easily one of the most popular Twitch channels but you don’t see him boasting over 100,000 subscribers anymore.