Ninja Reacts to His First Ever Slow Motion Fortnite Victory Royale

by Vincent Genova


Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins had no idea Season 5 of Fortnite included a slow motion victory screen and reacted with amazement the first time he saw it.

Of course, his kill to secure the win was tailor-made for slow motion, flying through the air off a Jump Pad for a long distance shotgun kill.


Even though his shotgun blast from range only did six damage, it was enough to finish off the kill for the new slow motion highlight.

He launched out of his chair in excitement after seeing the all new Victory Royale screen.

Ninja was aware of the highlight immediately, screaming “clip that!”


Despite getting a shotgun kill, shotguns have undergone another nerf for the launch of Season 5.

The new season brought in significant changes besides the victory screen and weapon patch as well. The map now has a full golf course and Toys to play with there.


Ninja is the most popular streamer on Twitch; the former Halo pro has risen alongside the popularity of Fortnite and currently has over 120,00 subscribers.