Ninja pokes fun at himself for New Year's Eve flossing fail - Dexerto

Ninja pokes fun at himself for New Year’s Eve flossing fail

Published: 17/Mar/2019 17:43 Updated: 17/Mar/2019 17:48

by Eli Becht


Ninja turned himself into a meme during his New Year’s Eve stream and had the opportunity to do it again but avoided it.

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Ninja hosted a huge New Year’s Eve event on Twitch where he played Fortnite at Times Square in New York City. It was a record-breaking stream but many viewers likely remember one thing in particular.

At one point, Ninja faced the crowd and tried to get them to ‘floss’ with him. It was a rainy night and the crowd didn’t appear to be having any of it as Ninja just awkwardly flossed by himself.


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You can view the NYE flossing misstep above, but Ninja recently managed to avoid creating another similar incident.

Ninja played Fortnite in New York City again as part of a Samsung event that advertised the new Samsung Galaxy S10 that also featured the K-Pop group iKON.

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It appears that at some point during the event Ninja was asked to dance, an offer which he quickly declined as he likely thought back to the last time he did that in New York.

“I’ll you guys dance, and them,” he said. “No way, never again, never in New York again.”


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It’s good to see Ninja being able to poke fun at himself after that event because it definitely ranks up there among the most embarrassing moments of his career.

This clip shows he has been able to take the criticism and embarrassment in stride, which is good since he’s one of the biggest names in the gaming world now.