Ninja offers to play Fortnite with look-a-like after he was soaked with beer at New York Yankees game

by Wyatt Donigan


Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins attempted to reach out to a fan sporting his iconic blue haircut after the fan suffered through an unfortunate incident at a baseball game.

A video surfaced on Thursday morning of a fan being doused with a beer during the New York Yankees win over the Oakland Athletics on Wednesday evening. Seen wearing an Athletics jersey at Yankee Stadium for the game, it seems as though the fan was a victim of being found in ‘enemy’ territory.

The video, while viral material in its own right, was made even more popular by the fact that the poor guy hit with the beer bore an uncanny likeness to Ninja, a fact that quickly garnered the attention of the popular Fortnite streamer.

As the video made its rounds on Twitter, it wasn’t long before it caught the eye of Ninja, who was quick to try and find a way to cheer up the fan. “My question is… does that guy game, and does he want to get some wins,” Ninja posed to his over three million followers on Twitter.

While everyone in Ninja’s mentions attempted to try and locate the unlucky Athletics fan to make the gaming session a reality, there’s no word yet if Ninja has gotten in contact with him.

In a heartwarming series of events, though, the Oakland Athletics managed to discover the identity of the fan themselves and have elected to send him a care package along with hosting the New York resident at a game in Oakland during the 2019 season.

We don’t know if he’ll ever get to a play a game with Ninja, but we’re glad that he’ll nonetheless get a happy ending after ending his Wednesday night on a sour note.