Ninja hilariously roasts xQc during Keemstar’s Minecraft Monday

Ninja, xQc - Twitch

Tyler Overwatch pro during the fray.

According to Minecraft YouTuber “Technoblade,” xQc himself had made a few not-so-subtle jabs toward their team, claiming that he didn’t have anything to be scared of due to Technoblade’s partnership with Ninja.

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Lauren Kretzschmar, Get Good Press KitStreaming sensation Tyler “Ninja” Blevins took a few good-natured shots at fellow streamer xQc during KEEMSTAR’s Minecraft Monday series.

“I was watching [xQc’s] stream and he’s like, ‘I’m not scared of Techno, he’s with Ninja this week,’” Technoblade claimed. “‘We got this. This is our week to win.’”

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“xQc is a little shit, dude,” Ninja replied in a self-deprecating roast. “Bro, literally, he’s totally just shit. Let’s go, dude! Imagine being tied right now to me! I have maybe 30 hours in Minecraft in my entire life.”

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Technoblade’s claims weren’t the only insults xQc had doled out toward the duo, either: he gave another hilarious roast during his post game interview, joking that Techno had only paired with Ninja due to his fame, rather than his Minecraft skills.

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“Listen, no offence to TechnoBlade, but I feel like he went for the bigger streamer instead of the better team mate,” the streamer joked. “Me and m0xyy have something indestructible, and that’s friendship.”

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Unfortunately for Ninja and Technoblade, xQc and m0xxy ended up taking first place, despite being tied with the pair in a hilarious turn of events.

However, this victory marked a significant win for Lengyel, who has been participating in KEEMSTAR’s Minecraft series since its inception, finally securing the W with a whopping 300 points.

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Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch pro xQc likewise competes in KEEMSTAR’s Minecraft Monday tournament series – finally scoring a win on September 9.
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With both xQc and Ninja being known for their over-the-top reactions and hilarious moments in-game, it comes as no surprise that the two bantered words during the heat of the competition – and there’s no telling what will come of their “rivalry” in future games.

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