Ninja flabbergasted after impersonator tattoos his face on their neck

YouTube: Ninja / TikTok: @dreamersjoinus

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is one of the biggest names in the gaming world, and although he’s got tons of fans, one of his viewers took things to the next level by getting the streamer’s face tattooed on themselves.

Ninja has become one of the top Twitch streamers of all time. Once a Halo pro, he later skyrocketed to further fame due to his Fortnite broadcasts, and quickly rose to the heights of internet stardom as a veritable icon for the battle royale game.

As a result, Ninja has accrued millions of followers on multiple social media platforms and has even started his own merchandise empire — so it comes as little surprise that he’s got a ton of fans who hope to grab his attention at any given moment.

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However, one of these “fans” (or rather, his very own impersonator) tried catching the streamer’s eye with a plan that will literally mark them for life… if it’s real, that is.

Ninja stream faceYouTube/Ninja
Ninja is one of the most popular names in the gaming space – so much so that he’s even scored his own impersonator from the pop trio ‘Dreamers.’

On July 8, the frontman for pop music group ‘Dreamers,’ Nick Wold, uploaded a video of himself dressed up in full Ninja gear — complete with the blue hair and headband — with the intent of getting a tattoo of Ninja’s face on his neck. (It’s worth noting that Wold has taken it upon himself to impersonate Ninja in the past, and has made it his shtick of sorts on social media.)

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Saying that the tattoo was the “worst pain” he’d felt in his life, the video doesn’t actually show the process of Wold getting the tattoo — but the result is undoubtedly a drawing of a smiling Ninja plastered right beneath the musician’s ear.

“I really hope @ninja sees this, I would die of happiness!!!” Wold wrote. “I love you man!!”

Well, it looks like the Dreamers’ dream came true… although it doesn’t seem like Ninja is wholly convinced the stunt is for real.

“No way this is real… wait till the end,” Ninja wrote in a quote-retweet of Wold’s TikTok.

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It seems the comment section is largely in agreement with the streamer — but either way, it makes for a pretty great prank, and an insanely over-the-top stunt if the tat is actually the real deal.