Ninja explains why he thinks Kick will be more successful than Mixer

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Streaming superstar Ninja has explained why he thinks Trainwreck’s streaming platform Kick will be more successful than Mixer.

Back in 2020, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins career was met with uncertainty after Mixer abruptly shut down. The streamer announced his move to Twitch shortly after, however.

With the increased popularity of Trainwreck’s streaming platform Kick, Ninja has voiced his opinion about how viable he thinks the platform will be.

During a stream on April 5 with his brother, he explained why he thinks Kick will be more successful than Mixer was before its closing.

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Ninja explains why Kick is better than Mixer

During the broadcast, Ninja’s brother ‘BeardedBlevins’ asked why Ninja thinks Kick can succeed and Mixer did not before mentioning the amount of money both platforms have at their disposal.

Kick is backed by Stake, while Mixer was owned by Microsoft.

“The issue with Mixer compared to Kick is that it took too long to get things done (on Mixer),” he said.

“There was like 80 different billion people that had to reach out to somebody else, who had to reach out to somebody else, etc. to get confirmation to change anything.”

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He went on to explain that his moderators spent an abundance of time in talks with Mixer employees in an attempt to make improvements to the platform but found it hard to actually get things done.

So far, Kick’s support staff and employees have been complimented by creators around the world, with many getting ahold of them quickly for name changes and verification requests.

You can make a life-changing amount of money streaming on the platform as well, largely thanks it its 95/5 sub-revenue split.

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