Ninja Accidentally Eliminates his own Teammate With a Nade During PUBG Invitational

Top streamers and PUBG pros from around the world gathered for the $1 Million PUBG Charity Showdown, which took place during the PUBG Global Invitational.

Ninja was on hand for the charity portion, though it was one of his mistakes that got the most attention.

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Ninja’s teammate JoshOG was down and waiting to be revived. The squad moved over to his location and Ninja attempted to give them cover by throwing smoke so JoshOG could be revived safely.

There was only one issue, Ninja threw a frag grenade instead.

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Instead of giving his teammates cover with a smoke, the frag grenade destroyed JoshOG and knocked him out of the charity event.

Ninja claims he switched to a smoke grenade and he is clearly seen going into his inventory to select one.

However, the stream overlay prevented viewers from seeing if he dragged it to the proper inventory slot.

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His exploded teammate would seem to suggest the smoke grenade was not properly equipped.

The two managed to make light of the situation later on Twitter.

The PUBG Charity Showdown saw top streamers like Ninja, Dr DisRespect and Shroud play for $1 Million, with the winners getting to decide which charity the money goes to.

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The charity event took place in the middle of the PUBG Global Invitational, a $2,000,000 tournament and one of the largest in PUBG history.

The Global Invitational will resume on July 28 for the First Person half of the tournament.