Nikocado Avocado quits YouTube and vows to “get health sorted”

YouTube: Nikocado Avocado

After a six-year career on the platform, YouTuber Nikocado Avocado announced on that he was quitting YouTube to focus on health and weight loss.

Known for his ‘extreme eating’ videos, YouTuber Nikocado Avocado, who has over 2.2 million subscribers to his channel, has claimed that his video uploaded on November 20 would be his last.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, Avocado – real name Nicholas Perry – said that his weight, which had reached 320 pounds due to his ‘extreme eating’ videos, was “nothing to be laughing about anymore.”

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“If I don’t take control over my health, I’m going to die,” Avocado said.

Following this video up with a Tweet, Avocado, 28, begged fans to stop contacting him about when his next video was out. He said: “Yesterday was my last video and I meant it.”

Who is Nikocado Avocado?

Nikocado Avocado is one of the most popular ‘mukbang’ vloggers on YouTube. The mukbang subgenre, which involves the content creator eating an unusually large amount of food, started in 2010 over in South Korea before becoming popular in other areas like the US.

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Avocado originally started his channel in 2014 as a vegan YouTuber before making the switch to the mukbang content he’s known for two years later, in 2016.

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However, Avocado’s content have caused a lot of concern among fans in the past, with several of his videos depicting him crying on camera while overindulging in food.

crying and eating noodlesYouTube: Nikocado Avocado
Some of Avocado’s videos have caused fans to be concerned for his mental state.

Things escalated when, following a collaboration with fellow mukbanger Stephanie Soo in December 2019, she claimed that he made her feel “unsafe” both in the past and during the filming of the collaboration.

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As the feud between the two intensified, Avocado’s relationship with his husband, fellow mukbang vlogger Orlin Home, broke down.

In a video entitled “We Broke Up”, which he uploaded in the January of this year, he blamed his recent feuds and the subsequent backlash he got from them for the split.

avocado husbandYouTube: Nikocado Avocado
Until January this year, Avocado was married to fellow mukbanger Orlin Home.

The two were married in April 2017, and filmed the wedding as part of a mukbang event at Chick-Fil-A.

Most recently, he was criticised by fans for ‘joking’ about sportsman Kobe Bryant’s death during a mukbang video, wherein he forgot the sports star’s name.

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