NikkieTutorials speaks out for first time since transgender reveal

NikkieTutorials transgender reveal videoYouTube: NikkieTutorials

Make-up and beauty YouTuber NikkieTutorials has spoken publicly for the first time since her announcement that she was transgender, thanking fans for their “acceptance.”

The Dutch YouTuber released a video on January 13 titled “I’m Coming Out,” in which she explained that she’s transgender, a secret she had kept under wraps over the past few years on the platform.

With almost 13 million subscribers, Nikkie is evidently very popular and it’s a surprise this secret didn’t come out sooner, as the YouTuber “took the power” back in revealing it herself.

NikkieTutorials instagram

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Although the circumstances of her reveal weren’t ideal, having been blackmailed by someone who had discovered the fact, Nikkie released the video with clear confidence, saying that it felt “liberating.”

Although she remained relatively quiet on social media for a while, Nikkie came back two days later to thank her many supporters. “I’ll never be able to put into words what these last few days have been like,” she tweeted. “Thank you for accepting me and teaching me that on the other side of fear lies freedom.”

She finished the tweet by addressing her fans saying “I love you unconditionally, always,” alongside a series of emoji including a rainbow, representing her inclusion and support of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Although the internet can sometimes be a ruthless place, the response to the video was clearly a positive one, and the replies to this tweet are overwhelmingly supportive.

Many of the replies simply state that Nikkie is “beautiful” and “a queen” no matter what body she was born in or the life she chooses to live.

Other replies are from fellow trans, queer or non-binary fans thanking Nikkie for her courage to open up, and giving them the courage to live a life truer to themselves.

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So far, Nikkie’s announcement video has almost 25 million views at the time of writing and a huge 2.3 million likes. She has pushed forward the acceptance of her transgender peers to a huge audience, and is clearly delighted, and perhaps somewhat relieved, by the response.

Nikkie’s subscriber count has also gone up by over half a million since the video released, showing that her courage has earned her some new fans too. Hopefully, she continues to feel liberated and more free with her decision.