Nikita Dragun under fire for claiming Valentino shut down their store for her

Nikita DragunInstagram: Nikita Dragun

YouTuber Nikita Dragun claimed in a recent post that designer store Valentino shut down their store exclusively to let her shop – but she’s been proven wrong, and the internet isn’t pleased. 

There are fewer people on the internet more divisive than YouTube star and resident beauty guru Nikita Dragun.

She has consistently become involved in a whole host of scandals during her short time on the platform, with the most recent one being her involvement with TikToker Vinnie Hacker. Many quickly assumed the pair were dating, which Hacker quickly dispelled.

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Now she’s done it again by claiming that high fashion brand Valentino shut their store just for her, when that isn’t quite what happened…

Nikita DragunInstagram: Nikita Dragun
Nikita’s back at it again with some more drama.

Nikita Dragun caught lying about Valentino visit

On May 11, Nikita posted a story to her Instagram claiming that designer fashion titans Valentino closed their Beverly Hills store solely for her visit.

Seen strolling through the branch’s glittering silver corridors, the story states “@masionvalentino shutting down the store for me and treating me to a shopping spree has me acting up!!”

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Nikita Dragun Valentino Instagram story

However, the internet began to suspect her claims pretty quickly, and went digging in an effort to catch out the guru. Turns out, they did just that.

A glance at Valentino’s official website shows that the store are only open for customers via “curbside pickup” or “by appointment.”

Nikita Dragun Valentino scandalValentino
The internet quickly caught on to Nikita.

The Internet slams Nikita

As you can imagine, as soon as word got out about this, the internet was quick to criticize her.

One Twitter user wrote, “Treating her to a shopping spree? So she’s implying they’re gifting her items? Yeah, ok. Something tells me Valentino isn’t gifting her a damn thing.”

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Another response has garnered a thousand likes at the time of writing, simply stating “Talk about a God complex…”

A final commenter noted that, due to the current restrictions, “You can have a Starbucks by appointment only.”

The internet is very clearly over Nikita’s exaggerations, and only time will tell if there’ll be any repercussions from this.

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