NIJISANJI reveal new XSOLEIL EN VTuber group: Talents, debut dates

NIJISANJI XSOLEIL VTuber group key art with Zaion LanZa, Doppio Dropscythe, Ver Vermillion, Meloco Kyoran, Hex Haywire, and Kotoka TorahimeNIJISANJI

First the moon rose, and now the sun is reaching its zenith. NIJISANJI is releasing its next English generation, XSOLEIL, as a direct contrast to the mixed wave of ILUNA earlier in 2022. The group will debut on December 10, Japan time.

The VTuber debuts keep coming to end the year, and NIJISANJI are adding yet another six talents to their already stacked roster with XSOLEIL.

The seventh English VTuber generation, which follows on from the lunar-themed high schoolers in ILUNA, comes as a direct contrast praising the sun. All of them are part of the XSOLEIL Institute of Infinity Student Council, taking up various roles.

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From the calm looking President Ver Vermillion who can “look into your very soul and read your future,” to the mischievous smirk of Meloco Kyoran, they each have vastly different identities.

Kotoka Torahime, Hex Haywire, Doppio Dropscythe, and Zaion LanZa round out the six talents in NIJISANJI’s XSOLEIL generation.

A teaser video, released on December 6, gives insight into each of the new VTubers and their personality with the patented one-line quips NIJISANJI’s debuts have become known for.

NIJISANJI XSOLEIL VTuber debut dates

NIJISANJI’s XSOLEIL VTuber group will debut in a relay starting at 4PM PT on December 9, which is 9AM JST on December 10. ILUNA’s Kyo Kaneko and Aia Amare will be leading the special program.

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They will be watching the individual debuts of the XSOLEIL talents, before all joining up to watch the debut of their music single HOLD IT DOWN, produced by GRP. That will go live a few hours later at 8PM PT / 1PM JST.