NIJISANJI VTubers targeted in TikTok hack as talents lose their accounts

YouTube: Yuhi Riri / Youtube: Fushimi Gaku / TikTok

More than 10 NIJISANJI stars have been targeted in a TikTok hack with thieves taking over the VTuber’s accounts on the platform, privating their clips, and in some cases changing their tag. NIJISANJI management is trying to recover the accounts.

Top VTuber agency NIJISANJI is warning fans to not interact with hacked TikTok accounts of their members, as well as working to try and recover them as more than 10 talents have had their work on the platform wiped from the internet.

In a statement on June 27, NIJISANJI said “it has been discovered some of our SNS [social network] accounts have been illegally accessed by a third party.”

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The hack was discovered days earlier on June 25, with Yuhi Riri and Elu among the first victims. Their accounts were taken over by a coordinated group, who then changed their usernames and privated all videos.

Elu the Elf flaunting red dressYouTube: Elu the Elf
A number of NIJISANJI VTubers have been targeted in a TikTok hack, including first generation member Elu the Elf.

Some of the idols targeted in the attack had already graduated from NIJISANJI, like Umiyashano Kami.

Individual talents have also addressed the issue publicly. Yuki Chihiro, whose 25,000 follower account was hit by the hack, said “I think some people followed me with confidence because of the official checkmark, but it is okay to unfollow [my TikTok account].”

Fushimi Gaku also spoke out about the hack, saying he lost access to his account on the night of June 26. “I’m leaving it to NIJISANJI management… but thank you for your cooperation,” he said.

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Dexerto has been able to confirm 11 accounts have been taken down in the hack. Combined they have more than 300,000 followers on the platform.

NIJISANJI are working towards getting the accounts back and implementing stronger measures to prevent further attacks.

“We apologize for this matter and will continue to work on recovering the targeted accounts.”