NIJISANJI VTubers start mega Minecraft rebuild after Luca Kaneshiro accident

NIJISANJI Vtubers playing minecraftYouTube: Luca Kaneshiro

NIJISANJI EN’s joint Minecraft server was destroyed after Luca Kaneshiro accidentally deleted half of their village with a bugged biome change. Instead of dwelling on it though, more than a dozen Livers got together to start a mega rebuild on September 15.

NIJISANJI EN once boasted a great Minecraft server full of creations from all talents. It was a place where the various VTubers would hang out and play games together in a communal spot. 

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However it was accidentally destroyed on September 7 by Luca Kaneshiro due to an unfortunate set of circumstances.

Luca was attempting to set up a server to play with fellow Liver Elira, but didn’t realize what server he was controlling at the time. Luca Kaneshiro accidentally deleted part of the NIJISANJI Minecraft server, and with it a ton of creations made not only by him but a number of members. He tried finding a backup copy of the server, but it overwrote itself just after the accident.

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It included his house and farm, dozens more buildings, and even the NIJISANJI logo: “I didn’t know until I woke up [the next day] that it was messed up,” he said after the incident. “It was 6am in the morning too.”

“I tried flattening it out for six hours. Everyone was streaming and I was doing this in the background. Because the server got reverted back, for some reason when we switched it back to it just spawned this really big biome.

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“I messed up so bad. I was being so careless as well. I didn’t know I was dealing with a server that wasn’t mine.”

The accident sprung an opportunity ⁠— not just a private session remaking everything, but a big rebuilding collab.

“All of them weren’t sad about it at all. I trust them when they say that ⁠— they’re not mad at all. As soon as I told them what happened, they were like ‘we can rebuild everything again. Now that it’s all flattened out we can rebuild it even better.’ I was so confused, shouldn’t you be angry? 

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“They are kind of disappointed that this happened, but they’re like ‘it’s fine’. It gives us an opportunity to work on it more.”

A week later, on September 15, that’s exactly what NIJISANJI EN did. More than a dozen EN VTubers joined the rebuilding session. Instead of trying to create stuff in the old server, they made an entirely new map to rebuild on. They managed to copy over elements using WorldEdit, like the handmade logo and specific buildings.

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They were sure to take a final group photo together ⁠— but even that was accidentally ruined by Luca who teleported a ton of mobs onto everyone.

It was a massive affair as everyone laughed away the pain of losing everything, making new memories along the way. Luca himself was in his element trying to make sure everything was okay, putting things together for everyone and running around doing the menial tasks.

It’ll be some time until it’s back to its former glory ⁠— or even beyond that ⁠— so NIJISANJI EN’s Minecraft server is going to get plenty of attention in the meantime.

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