NIJISANJI reveal new VTuber group VOLTACTION: Talents, debut dates


NIJISANJI is debuting yet another set of VTubers with new group VOLTACTION being revealed on July 13. The all-male quartet will join the agency’s ever growing Japanese section.

NIJISANJI are adding to their expansive list of VTuber talents with new group VOLTACTION. The all-male quartet join the already 200-strong idols under the talent’s banner, further expanding their reach primarily in the Japanese market.

VOLTACTION was revealed on July 13 to much applause on Twitter. The group’s debut music single, Inlaid, was also released on the same day. It broke 300,000 views on YouTube within 24 hours.

It wasn’t much of a secret ⁠— fans spotted billboards in Japan starting on July 11, days before the official launch of the new NIJISANJI group.

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The four talents are named: Fura Kanato, Watari Hibari, Shikinagi Akira, and Seraph Dazzlegarden. All of them have different lore origins, from mafia stories to assassins ⁠— but all of them tie into a similar sneaky theme.

Immediately fans jumped on board with the new stars on social media. After the explosive launch of English group Luxiem at the end of the 2021, NIJISANJI has seen a lot of success with debuting new male VTubers.

Before even debuting each of the talents has more than 20,000 subscribers on YouTube and rising, while their Twitter followings are already nearing 100,000 each.


NIJISANJI VOLTACTION is set to debut on July 16, 2022. The four talents will be debuting in a relay format, with Fura Kanato to open up proceedings. You can find the exact times below:

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They will also be collaborating with fellow NIJISANJI livers Joe Rikiichi and Hanabatake Chaika later on July 16.