NICKMERCS threatens mass Twitch bans after fans roast his Apex Legends mistakes

NICKMERCS angry next to Revenant from Apex Legends.Twitch: NICKMERCS / Respawn Entertainment

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has had enough of all the “backseat gamers” flooding his Twitch chat in the last few weeks, and is now threatening to mass-ban them all after fans weighed in on his Apex Legends gameplay.

The 30-year-old Twitch streamer has always encouraged his fans ⁠— the “MFAM”  ⁠— to get involved in broadcasts, but on Nov. 4 the star had to draw a line.

Kolcheff was playing the new Apex Legends season with Deed and 72hrs and the trio were struggling to get dubs for various reasons. Chief among them was the stream-team had only just started dropping on the battle royale’s new map, Storm Point, and were mainly focusing on learning.

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Tensions began to rise, however, until NICKMERCS snapped.

Fed up with his Twitch fans “backseat gaming” the trio’s every move, the star issued a command: stop weighing in on every battle and rotation while he was playing Apex Legends or cop the ban hammer.

“If we win or lose, make mistakes, and I see a wall [in chat]… it’s pissing me off, I don’t wanna see that. We’re getting to the point where we straight ban people.”

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The Twitch star threatened to swing the ban hammer on his MFAM viewers.

The biggest problem NICKMERCS has with his Twitch viewers rallying to “belittle” his mistakes or suggest he’s making errors is that it creates “an air of toxicity” on-stream that he doesn’t want to see, “ever.”

“If we don’t start straight banning all the people that are doing that,” the Twitch star explained after calming down, “you guys will get this comfortability where you think you should be included in every little decision, and have to weigh in on every single thing in the game. I don’t even know where it’s come from, really.

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He continued: “Chill the f**k out. If you want to be supportive, awesome. But if you want to throw your two cents into every dispute, you better come with f**king credentials. Last few days it’s been [happening] more and more.

“I don’t need 5000 people in my ear every time it doesn’t go my way. It makes everyone uncomfortable, increases tension. Being supportive does the opposite.”

The Twitch star soon simmered down again, and promised his MFAM viewers that “no, nobody is getting banned” this time around, but warned if things didn’t pick up in his chat, the hammer would start swinging.

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“I’m not trying to ban nobody, seriously, I don’t want to. But just shut the f**k up. I don’t want to have this debacle every day. Let what needs to be said be said in team comms and chat, you just need to chill the f**k out. F**k… I like having arguments, but the chat doesn’t need to join in.

“These conversations, learning, getting better, happen all the time in sports. It’s inevitable to [argue about games], but chat getting involved too is weird.”

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