NICKMERCS teases UFC event with TimTheTatman on July 1

NICKMERCS TimTheTatmanTwitch: NICKMERCS/YouTube: TimTheTatman

Popular Twitch streamer NICKMERCS has posted a tweet teasing an upcoming UFC-related event involving TimTheTatman, leaving fans wondering what exactly the event is.

TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS have had their fair share of friendly banter over the years, but the dynamic duo has always stood up for each other when needed.

The two popular content creators used to regularly be found in the streets of Verdansk, but with Tim’s move to YouTube and Nick switching over to Apex more often… some may say they’ve slightly drifted apart.

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However, NICKMERCS is now teasing an upcoming UFC event involving TimTheTatman and fans are wondering if they’ll see the two enter the octagon together.

NICKMERCS teases UFC event with TimTheTatman

A tweet posted on June 10 by Nick teases a UFC event in Las Vegas on July 1.

It reads: “Got something BIG cookin’ up for y’all tho!! UFC, Fatty & Las Vegas… gonna be wild. Never been anything like this before! More deets real soon, see ya in there.”

In the picture, a pair of gloves shows NICKMERCS’ and TimTheTatmans logos with ‘vs’ between them, making fans believe the two popular creators are set to duke it out in a UFC match.

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One user replied: “Finally, we find out who wins. Big old grizzly bear Timmy, or the Gorilla Nicky.”

To make things more interesting, Complexity co-founder Jason Lake replied with a ‘shifty eyes’ emoji and one of the content creators in the org, ClaraATWork, quote tweeted Nick’s teaser.

She said: “A little teaser of why I’ll be in Vegas. Can’t wait to share full details soon. SOOOO excited for this.”

Sources have told Dexerto that the event will be officially announced live on June 11, during the UFC PPV event, with more information coming next week.

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As soon they’re announced, we’ll be sure to update this article.