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NICKMERCS brutally roasts Twitch viewer after they throw down Warzone challenge

Published: 14/Oct/2021 7:12 Updated: 14/Oct/2021 7:40

by Brad Norton


When a random viewer decided to lash out in NICKMERCS’ latest stream, even offering up a Warzone challenge, the popular Twitch streamer was quick to tear into them, putting a stop to their antics.

With tens of thousands tuning into every broadcast, now more than ever thanks to his groundbreaking Twitch extension, NICKMERCS always has a lot on his plate when checking in on his chat.

Try as they might, a few dozen moderators can only do so much when countless new viewers spill into the stream. While some are friendly and join in on the MFAM fun right away, others immediately present an issue.


That was the case during Nick’s October 12 Warzone stream.

When a new viewer jumped in the chat, the Twitch star was quick to point him out and brutally roasted him so it never happens again.

While NICKMERCS was gearing up for a nine-hour Warzone stream, he took the first chunk of his stream to simply catch up with fans in chat. Just 30 minutes in and one particular message stood out.

“Do Rebirth so I can kill you,” a new viewer put forward. Noticing the pesky message, Nick scrolled back up to see what else that viewer had chimed in with. “Seven ads, what is this? Makes me not want to watch,” the same viewer said earlier.


“Can I be real with you?” NICKMERCS asked rhetorically. “I’m not trying to be disrespectful, I don’t give a f*** about you bro. No disrespect, I’m not trying to be mean. Full transparency, I don’t give a f*** about you.”

That wasn’t all though, Nick made a point to taunt this stranger with his own Warzone skills as well.

“If you saw me in Rebirth, I’d light your s*** up bro,” he said without hesitating. “If you and me linked up 100 times in a gunfight, you might get me once.”

Nickmercs standing on top of Rebirth Island in Warzone
Twitter: NICKMERCS/ Activision
NICKMERCS is more than confident in his Rebirth Island skills.

TimTheTatMan and Dr Disrespect even caught a few strays during the heated rant. “You’re a father,” Nick realized after checking the viewer’s profile picture.


“There ain’t no chance. You’re a father, miss me with that. I know how daddies play, I’m friends with Tim and Doc, I see it all the time.”

Nick got everything off his chest to ensure that now-very-roasted viewer thought twice about sharing any fiery messages again soon.

It’s not every day that one of the biggest personalities on Twitch lashes out. But considering NICKMERCS got on quite the roll, it’s safe to say the viewer in Twitch chat quickly regretted his bold Warzone comments.