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NICKMERCS & Dr Disrespect finally met IRL and it went exactly as you’d expect

Published: 27/Feb/2022 13:42

by Shay Robson


Popular Twitch star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff shared with his stream the hilarious moment when he finally met fellow creator Dr Disrespect at the Super Bowl.

The internet’s favorite creators frequently crossover and collab with videos and guest features on their broadcasts all the time, and it makes for some incredible content for the viewers.

However, fans don’t get to see the ins and outs of every meeting – especially when it takes place at something like the Super Bowl.

Though, that’s what happened with NICKMERCS and Dr Disrespect, as the pair finally got to meet in person, and it sounded like a pretty spot on exchange for them.


nickmercs with his wife
NICKMERCS recently took some time off which included going to the Super Bowl.

During a video uploaded on February 26, Nick explained how he ended up seeing the Two-Time during the end-of-season championship game. “There are people everywhere and I’m on the far right of the open suite, and he’s on the far left,” Nick explained.

“We f**king, me and Doc – I’m looking left, I’m looking right and I look back left and I see a tall guy with a mustache! I did a double look, and right when I did a double, he did a double. I said no way, and he goes ‘get the f**k out of here!’


“We walk up and I give him some love. I’m a genetic guy, I love to observe. He’s very tall, very very tall. But, he’s skinny you know? So I met him, I shook his hand, I gave him a little hug,” Nick added, before revealing that he sized him up.

Timestamp of 9:41

NICKMERCS continued and explained if it came down to it, he could take down the Doc. “I sized him up, and between you and me chat, I got him” Nick joked. “I 100% got him. That man is 6’8, 200lbs. I way weigh more than him! I weigh more than the guy and he’s 6’8,” he exclaimed.


The FaZe Clan star stated that he’s got “a lotta love for Doc” and it was “great” to finally meet him. So, despite their friendly banter, don’t exchange them to square off in the ring.