Popular 100 Thieves Streamer NICKMERCS Explains Why He's Feeling So Lucky Lately

by Ross Deason


Popular 100 Thieves streamer NICKMERCS has talked about his strong work ethic and how lucky he feels to be successful in his career of choice.

NICKMERCS was originally known for his Call of Duty streams where he built up a loyal fan base in recent years as he played Gamebattles matches and more.


However, he saw exponential growth after making the switch to Fortnite Battle Royale and is widely regarded as one of the very best console players on the Epic Games title.

He regularly aims to break records for the most kills in a game and recently even managed to win KEEMSTAR’s first Friday Night Fortnite Tournament alongside SypherPK against some of the best PC players around.


The popular personality clearly enjoys his career of choice but on May 16th he took to Twitter to state how lucky he feels to be able to make money and be successful doing what he loves.

He compared himself to other people that are successful but “don’t love what they do” and stated that this is where he feels the most lucky.


However, he makes it clear that his current lifestyle isn’t purely down to luck as he believes he would have found success “no matter where I ended up, doin’ whatever I did”.

He puts this down to a “drive & will to be better” which he states is “difficult to replicate” but he once again reiterates that turning his passion into a paycheck gives him a feeling of contentment that he wouldn’t have found in another field.

Nick has built the life for himself that he dreamed of and has become a role model for his ever growing fan base - you can’t say fairer than that.