NICKMERCS’ spectacular Twitch fail costs him big bet against SypherPK

nickmercs-riders-republic-spectaular-failUbisoft / Twitch; NICKMERCS

Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS ‘ Kolcheff blew an intense race against Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan on Riders Republic in the most hilarious way – by crashing into the pole holding up the finish line.

Gamers have been talking about Riders Republic ever since it released on October 28. It’s been described as everything from a “bugged” mess to an addictive thrill-ride. So, it’s no surprise that NICKMERCS wanted to check it out, too.

To make things spicy for the thousands of people watching, he challenged friend and fellow streamer SypherPK to a race.

The rules were simple. The loser needed to gift 50 Twitch subscriptions to the winner.

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three mountain bikers look down over a canyonUbisoft
Riders Republic launched on October 28, 2021.

Things started out well enough for NICKMERCS. He was leading the race, although SypherPK did well to stay close behind him. But right when he was about to cross the finish, he choked in the most hilarious way.

NICKMERCS drove straight into one of the poles holding up the finish line banner, spectacularly flipping into the air in the process. He stuck the landing somehow, but then he lost control of his bike and drove into the other pole.

“NOOOOOO!” he shrieked while placing his hands over his eyes in disbelief. “Oh my god! My d**k got caught on the f**king thing, man! You can’t make that up!”

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Naturally, he didn’t want it to end there. He issued a double or nothing challenge that increased the amount to 100 gifted subs.

Sypher isn’t one to back down. So, he accepted the offer and they jumped into another race.

Things played out differently this time around. Instead of NICKMERCS messing up his lead at the end, Sypher was the one who choked. “You did the same sh*t!” he yelled in triumph before calling out those who doubled him.

NICKMERCS got the last laugh in the end. Still, the biggest talking point was his epic fail on the finish line.

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He’s brutally roasted fans in the past, but it seems like the joke was on him this time around – even though he won.