NickEh30 Dies to Glitch While One Kill Away From Tying a Friday Fortnite Match

Nicholas ‘NickEh30’ Amyoony proved he is the most positive Fortnite streamer around with his reaction to an unlucky death during a $20,000 Friday Fortnite event.

NickEh30 was the last alive for his team, one kill from tying or two kills away from winning the match to advance in Keemstar’s Friday Fortnite Tournament.

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He was caught out in the storm with low health, needing to heal himself and drive an ATK vehicle quickly back into play.

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NickEh30 managed to do all of that, yet he still died mysteriously.

The anticlimactic end to the match ruined what might have been an exciting finish and a chance at the $10,000 first prize, but NickEh30 reacted with his trademark positivity.

He laughed and smiled as he questioned the death, deciding it was because he ran over himself.

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NickEh30 later believed lag was also a factor in the accidental death, since the game was being hosted by his opponents on European servers.

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Reddit user IOwnYourData also weighed in on a possible cause for the self-elimination:

“He tried to get out of the cart, but there wasn’t enough room since he was on a wall. Since the game can’t put two objects in the same space… it put him at the closest available open space. Unfortunately, that open space happened to be right in front of the still-moving vehicle.”

Other users pointed out that you cannot damage yourself with a kart, so NickEh30 was potentially glitched underneath the map when struck by the vehicle.

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There are other Fortnite streamers that would not have reacted as kindly to a glitch death in a major tournament, likely resulting in a NSFW language tirade that would send parents everywhere searching for the mute button.

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How would you have handled a glitch death in that situation?