Nick Uhas wants an influencer Big Brother showdown with these YouTubers

Nick Uhas reveals his picks for influencer big brotherInstagram: tanamongeau, nickuhas, markrober

TikTok star, TV host, and former Big Brother contestant Nick Uhas spoke with us about his dream team for a possible influencer version of the popular reality show.

Nick Uhas is a man of many talents. A former professional inline skater, actor, television host, and influencer with over 8 million followers across multiple platforms, Uhas has dipped his toes into quite a few professions… including reality TV.

In 2013, Nick Uhas competed on Big Brother, a well-known reality competition show that pits its contestants against each other under a single roof, completely isolated from society.

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While Uhas never won his season of the show (he placed 15th), he’s well-versed in the ins and outs of Big Brother — and he says he’s totally down for an influencer-only version of the televised competition.

We got the chance to bend Uhas’ ear on the subject in an exclusive interview, where he gave us his top picks for a YouTuber vs YouTuber Big Brother showdown (if it were to ever happen, that is).

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Nick Uhas YouTube star reveals his picks for influencer big brotherInstagram: nickuhas
Nick Uhas is an influencer with over 7 million followers on TikTok. He’s best known for his science-related content, such as his record breaking elephant toothpaste explosion.

“For sure, and being a fan of the show of course, I would obviously want to lean more toward high drama as possible,” he told Dexerto. “So I would say, like, Tana Mojo, going this route. People you know are just going to rock the house.”

“But then it would also be really cool to have people like, for example, Mark Rober, who has this engineering grain. That would be really interesting to see, that could potentially play the house like a derrick, where he did the whole season untouched.”

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Although the official Big Brother show has yet to do an influencer-only version of its iconic series, there has been a similar show run by creators, for creators: Reality House, the latest season of which notably featured Tana Mongeau and Bryce Hall, among other stars.

Reality House contestantsYouTube: KianandJc
Tana Mongeau has already starred on a Big Brother-esque reality show – so it’s not a stretch to say that she wouldn’t be a hit on the real deal.

Speaking of influencers, Uhas also let us in on one of his upcoming collaborations. Uhas says he’s working on something special with MrBro, the brother of YouTube powerhouse MrBeast, on an upcoming project.

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While he wasn’t clear as to what this project might be, Uhas is currently focusing on his collaboration with Bulldog Skincare on a ‘science meets nature’ approach toward skin health. He’ll be uploading some of his classic jaw-dropping science experiments about skincare to his TikTok account — including one where he finds out what happens when you make soap out of peanut oil.

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