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Nick Bean says he doesn’t speak to Sway House boys anymore

Published: 22/Nov/2020 5:18

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Nick Bean revealed he doesn’t speak to other members from the Sway House anymore after he fought with them at a restaurant, although he didn’t elaborate on the finer details.

Nick Bean has been a member of the Sway House for quite some time now. It’s less than a year old, but it’s already grown into one of the two most prominent TikTok influencer supergroups.

It houses some of the biggest names in the scene, including Bryce Hall, Griffin Johnson, and Noah Beck. Nick Bean, who is the creative director of the group, has collaborated with them throughout the year.


However, he came under fire recently for doing the ‘fox eye’ in a video, a trend where people stretch their eyes to ‘imitate’ an Asian eye shape. It’s widely considered to be an act of racial stereotyping and discrimination.

Nick Bean Hype House Drama
Nick Bean
Nick Bean was widely criticized for his controversial act.

Now, it seems like Nick Bean has found himself at odds with the rest of the crew. In a recent video, he dropped a bombshell and claimed he doesn’t speak to any other members from the Sway House.

However, before getting stuck into the details, he pointed out that he doesn’t have an issue with Bryce Hall. The two of them have been good friends for a very long time. “I love Bryce. [He] is the only person [in the Sway House] I really, really care about,” he said.


Once he got that off his chest, he explained the situation. “I got into a fight at Mel’s Diner. I dropped some rude words… I was being a little bit arrogant,” he said. “And [because of that] I don’t talk to anybody in Sway anymore.”

Interestingly, no official announcement about his departure has been made. However, TikTok influencers join and leave supergroups all the time, so he might already be riding solo.

Either way, it looks like Nick Bean’s time at the Sway House has come to a bitter end for the time being, but it might not be permanent.


He seemed genuinely remorseful about the situation, and although a month-long rift has formed, only time will tell whether it’s salvageable.