NFL star’s wife blasts TikTok for unexpectedly deleting her account

rachel bush tiktokInstagram: rachelbush

Social media star Rachel Bush called out TikTok after her account was deleted and all her videos were flagged for “violating community guidelines.” Now, she’s asking for answers as to why her account was wiped.

Rachel Bush is a model and social media star with over 3 million followers on Instagram. While she’s gained stardom through her beauty and travel posts, she also is well known through her husband, 10-year NFL veteran Jordan Poyer.

Bush, who attends all of Poyer’s games for the Buffalo Bills, had posted tons of videos from the sidelines cheering on her husband.

However, on April 15, Bush was shocked to notice her account and all her videos had been deleted on the video-sharing app.

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Rachel Bush banned on TikTok

The 24-year-old wasn’t given an exact reason as to why she was banned, other than that her videos apparently violated TikTok’s community guidelines.

Bush continued to question the ban in a follow-up tweet where she asked why some stars on the app can show extra skin, like Lizzo, but she was banned for it despite claiming to not have posted full bikini videos.

She said, “Hello TikTok, I would like to know why Lizzo gets to have her booty cheeks on full display meanwhile I lose my whole account and haven’t even posted a full bikini video for fear of my account being deleted. I would like an explanation on the rules here, please.”

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TikTok has yet to respond to Bush’s tweets. As of now, her account with over 200k followers is completely barren.