NFL star Pat McAfee spectacularly fails at guessing what League of Legends is

Published: 2/Jan/2021 0:34

by Theo Salaun


What do Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kris Jenner and Dwanye ‘The Rock’ Johnson have in common? They’re all characters in League of Legends according to the imagination of former NFL star Pat McAfee.

League of Legends is a complicated game. At over 140 champions, Riot Games’ multiplayer online battle arena game has only grown more and more difficult to master in the decade since its 2009 release.

While the massively popular, globally renowned MOBA can be confusing to even its most dedicated fans — it’s obviously even more puzzling to those who know nothing about it.

One such person is McAfee, a decorated former punter for the Indianapolis Colts who is now a podcast host and (sometimes) professional wrestler.

On a recent episode of The Pat McAfee Show, LoL was brought up and the sports aficionado wanted to guess what the game was based solely on its name. Standing up and gesticulating widely, McAfee passionately, confidently came up with a beautifully off-base premise for what a game called “League of Legends” could be.

For mobile users, segment begins at 1:55.

Stemming from a conversation about how the Oculus has changed his perception on video games, McAfee admits he never liked gaming because he was bad at it. Now, he’s intrigued and applies that curiosity to LoL where he tries to guess what the game could be.

Unfortunately, his first premise starts off on the wrong foot: “Almost like the NFL, you’ve got 32 teams and it’s a league.” 

Then, it gets a little more convoluted when he starts thinking about the “legends” aspect: “There are legends that run said team … actual legends, like characters … Stone Cold Steve Austin probably has a team to fight against. The Rock probably has a team. These are legendary human beings.

“I would assume Kris Jenner has a squad, there’s a legend in a different field … Maybe the Schitt’s Creek writers got in there.”


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As for the combat, McAfee imagines that LoL’s teams “play each other in some sort of sport” and that maybe that sports involves killing and swords, because “It feels like potential sword game.”

Eventually, the NFL icon gets to watch some footage of the game and realizes that no, the Jenner matriarch and Schitt’s Creek writers are not managing teams of sword fighters. Instead, he quickly wonders if what he’s seeing is some sort of hybrid of Risk and the Sims.

By the segment’s finish, McAfee learns a little bit more about LoL and possibly comes up with an alternative game franchise that Riot can look into.

He and his fellow hosts also end up renaming the title “Lots of Love” and decide that the greatest League of Legends player of all time would be… Winston Churchill.


LIRIK responds to people claiming El Rubius ‘copied’ his Twitch logo

Published: 17/Jan/2021 18:13

by Calum Patterson


Veteran Twitch streamer Saqib ‘LIRIK’ Zahid was prompted by his viewers to discuss the similarities between his and El Rubius’s logos, as some fans suggested one of them had copied the other.

LIRIK has been streaming on Twitch since the very early days, and despite almost never showing his face on stream, remains one of the most popular ‘variety’ streamers on the Amazon-owned platform.

He will very consistently pull in tens of thousands of viewers, regardless of the game he is playing, and even without a facecam. Meanwhile, Rubén ‘Rubius’ Gundersen, a Spanish-Norwegian creator, first gained fame on YouTube a decade ago, but also regularly streams on Twitch.

Rubius is actually the 4th-most followed streamer on the platform, with over 8 million fans, while LIRIK boasts 2.7 million. The two serve different audiences, most obviously because one speaks English and the other Spanish.

El Rubius on Twitch
Twitter: Rubiu5
El Rubius is the most-followed non-English speaking streamer on Twitch.

But, there is one key similarity between them, and it’s something some of LIRIK’s fans pointed out – their logos.

LIRIK has used a Scottish Fold cat as the theme for his many channel emotes and logo for years, and his main logo features a cat grimacing with sharp teeth.

In January 2019, Rubius unveiled his new logo – which bore a striking similarity to the cat with sharp teeth used by LIRIK.

El Rubius and LIRIK logo
El Rubius / LIRIK
The two logos feature grimacing cats

LIRIK responds to Rubius logo comparison

Speaking on his stream, LIRIK said “There’s a streamer out there, Rubius, dude, his community is huge, I’m not even gonna- that’s like poking a f**king bee hive. So I’m not even going to say anything.”

“This is his logo, but, like, I don’t know if I had my logo before. The thing is, my logo’s kinda like, it’s a f**cking smile, there’s so many ways of looking at it. So it’s kind of like, whatever. I don’t really care. He’s probably a nice guy.”

However, LIRIK’s viewers were less sympathetic, spamming the chat with “stolen” and “DMCA” – joking about LIRIK making a copyright claim.

In fact, El Rubius’s logo strikes an even stronger resemblance to a design done for LIRIK’s merch by Rocket_Lion way back in 2017. It’s safe to say that this particular ‘cat grimace’ logo belonged to LIRIK before Rubius, who unveiled his in 2019.

There are noticeable differences too of course – Rubius’s cat is sporting a hood, and has very different eyes.

This isn’t actually the first time that LIRIK’s logo has possibly been a strong source of inspiration. In April 2020, an esports team, NOFEAR5, was accused of copying the logo too.