NFL fans baffled by Dr Disrespect’s appearance at 49ers playoff win

Twitter: NFL

NFL fans were left pretty confused by Dr Disrespect’s appearance at the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks NFC wild-card game as the streamer played the role of pre-game hype man. 

When he’s not dominating with his signature violence, speed, and momentum on the sticks in Call of Duty, Dr Disrespct can usually be found backing his hometown sports teams. 

The Two-Time has shown up at NBA playoff games in rooting for the Golden State Warriors, and he’s even announced an NFL draft pick for the San Francisco 49ers

He’s been getting involved with the NFL side of things a bit more, given his ongoing trash talk with TimTheTatman over the Cowboys, and even got to make an appearance at the Niners wild-card win over the Seattle Seahawks. Though, not everyone was impressed. 

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Dr Disrespect appears at 49ers play-off game to sound fog horn

The Doc assumed the role of pre-game hype man, urging the Niners faithful to get loud for their team as they faced their divisional rivals. It ultimately worked, given that they progressed to the NFC divisional round with a 41-23 win.

Though the streamer’s fans were happy to see him on the big stage again, it didn’t quite resonate with everyone. “I have no idea who this guy is,” said a number of fans on social media

“Looks like nobody really cares about this dude. We couldn’t get Patrick Willis? Or someone people actually care about?” added another 49ers fan. “Truly “Disrespectful” to the faithful to have this man do the fog horn before the game when you have legends in The house such as Jerry Rice, John Taylor, and Tom Rathman. 49ers gotta do better!” another commented. 

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Some even joked that the Doc’s appearance reminded them of Ninja’s infamous “I’m not seeing any movement” blunder during his New Year’s appearance on TV back in 2018. 

Even if some NFL fans have no idea who he is, The Doc won’t care all that much, given his team are moving on and he’s getting closer to appearing in a championship parade.