New stats reveal YouTube earnings for PewDiePie, Logan Paul and more

Unsplash/YouTube: PewDiePie

New YouTube statistics highlight the incredible amount of money creators are able to make in just a minute of video time; shedding light on the incomes PewDiePie, Logan Paul and others.

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It has long been known that a successful YouTuber can enjoy lucrative incomes but, thanks to a new Business Insider report, more specific values have been revealed. 

The article uses information from Petey Vid’s blog, in which he calculated just how much money per minute each YouTube star makes. The overall amount of money made is divided by how many minutes of content they uploaded in 2018 to work out the final values, and they are eye-watering.  

YouTube: PewDiePie/Instagram: Logan PaulPewDiePie and Logan Paul are two of the biggest YouTubers in the world.
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The most notable on the list is probably Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, the only individual content creator on YouTube to have over 100 million subscribers. 

According to Petey’s calculations, PewDiePie made an incredible $3,319 per minute of video content he uploaded to YouTube during 2018. This means that a ten-minute video from the Swede would earn him an average of $33,319, or £27,122.

For comparison, the average annual salary in the UK is £29,000. PewDiePie earns just shy of that from a ten minute YouTube video. 

Petey VidThe Swede’s YouTube earnings could be higher, had he not been involved in controversies over his language.
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However, PewDiePie’s numbers pale in comparison to those of the Paul brothers. The American YouTubers are never far from controversy, but that doesn’t seem to have affected their income. 

Jake Paul earned $21.5 million over 2018, in just over 2,500 minutes of YouTube content. This puts his incredible earnings at $8,511 per minute of YouTube video.

Petey VidJake Paul’s earning are eye-watering, but not as high as his brother Logan’s.
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However, he is beaten by his older brother Logan, who earned a whopping $11,688 per minute of YouTube content he uploaded – over three times more than YouTube King PewDiePie. 

Petey VidLogan Paul earns the highest amount per minute for a single content creator.

The most lucrative statistics provided by Petey go to Dude Perfect, a US sports entertainment group consisting of 5 individual members. They generated $20 million in just 253 minutes of uploaded content. This puts the amount of money earned per minute at a mind-blowing $85,026. That’s nearly double the average annual US salary, in just a minute of content.

Petey VidDude Perfect’s per minute earnings are the highest on the list, by far.
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Other figures on the list include Jeffree Star ($10,077 per minute), Markiplier ($1,393 per minute) and Jacksepticeye ($1,075 per minute). It says something about the incredible incomes on the list that the lowest-earning is still upwards of $1,000 per minute of YouTube content. 

It goes to show how successful it is possible to be when passionate video makers are well supported, and dedicated to their craft. 

You can check out the full article over at the Petey Vid blog.