‘Never forget you’ is TikTok’s messiest, most scandalous trend yet

TikTok: Milli Debrito

TikTok’s latest trend, which encourages users to reminisce on brief encounters that impacted their life, has quickly devolved into chaos.

With long-lost babies and infidelity being revealed through the trend, ‘Never Forget You’ has become TikTok’s latest real-life soap opera. The trend itself is simple enough. It starts off with people reflecting on various meet-cutes or fleeting romances they had, sometimes cut with pictures and videos from the event in question before lip-syncing to the Noisette’s 2009 song “Never Forget You.”

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On the one hand, this trend was incredibly wholesome.  TikTok user ‘mickeynn_’, for example, shared how he was invited to family dinners by a stranger when he went to China for the first time alone. Similarly, user Luke Bailey revealed how he found a friend in senior citizen Christy after they were seated together on a Ryanair flight three years ago.


On the other hand, as TikTokers lamented on how they’ll “never forget” their holiday romances, things started to get a little more… messy.

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A lot of TikTok users started using the trend in order to highlight lovechilds that apparently came out of their fleeting holiday romances. In one viral TikTok as part of the trend, Kayla Acevedo showed her baby to viewers, saying: “To the guy I met in Nicaragua on vacation. I think this is yours?”

With the ‘Never Forget You’ sound having over 500k videos associated with it, there were dozens of stories similar to Acevedo. One TikTok user commented that “this trend should be sponsored by Trojan”, while another remarked that “this is [their] third TikTok in a row on my FYP of someone having a baby by some guy on a trip.”

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Although Acevedo’s story specifically had a happy ending, as she revealed in a follow-up TikTok that she flew out to Nicagura so the father would be able to meet their child, other users weren’t so lucky.

For example,  TikTok user, ‘call.me.eveline’ was one of many who revealed in a tearful video that she saw her boyfriend in a TikTok as part of this trend.

Who would’ve thought such an innocent trend would turn out so scandalous?

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