Nessa Barrett opens up about bipolar disorder amid online bullying

Nessa Barrett talks to the camera.YouTube: Famous Birthdays

TikTok star Nessa Barrett has opened up about her struggles with mental health after receiving massive backlash due to her alleged involvement with Chase Hudson while he was still dating Charli D’Amelio.

Nessa Barrett is a popular face on TikTok, boasting over 10 million followers due to her viral dance videos and unique look.

However, in spite of her popularity, Barrett has been a controversial figure among critics for quite some time due to uploading a TikTok in April where she danced to audio of the Quran being read aloud.

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The TikToker further incited the wrath of fans after being exposed by Charli D’Amelio for allegedly kissing Chase Hudson while he and Charli were still dating, leading to a slew of backlash against the star online — especially after viewers accused her of copying her new song from singer Madison Beer.

Barrett has since opened up about her struggles with mental health and social media, admitting in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that she has been diagnosed with such conditions as anxiety, depression and even bipolar disorder.

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“I wrote it during a really vulnerable time,” Barrett said of her debut song, ‘Pain.’ “I was dealing with a lot heartbreak and hate on social media. I was just going through a lot. I kinda wanted to express how I was feeling with my song, because a lot of people can’t really see how I truly feel through a 15-second TikTok.”

“I’ve been in therapy for anxiety since I was like, six,” she continued. “And then, when I was about 14, I was misdiagnosed with depression. And then, recently, I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.”

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Despite these instances and the online bullying she receives, Barrett has learned how to handle the haters, and is hoping for a gradual change in the TikTok community.

“All the hate I got was overwhelming,” she said of the backlash she’s received online due to her past drama. “I had to spend time away from reading comments, watching hate videos on me. ….it happens and it sucks, but we have to deal with it. And I hope it changes.”

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