Nessa Barrett faces scrutiny after critics convinced TikToker got lip injections

Fans divided over Nessa Barrett's new lip lookTikTok: nessabarrett

TikTok star Nessa Barrett is facing backlash online after critical fans became convinced that the singer got lip injections due to a recent video.

Nessa Barrett is a hugely popular content creator on TikTok, where she boasts over 19 million followers.

She’s also a budding music artist, most recently celebrating the release of her newest album, ‘Young Forever,’ in October.

Although fans are generally supportive of Nessa’s career as a singer/songwriter and celebrate her accomplishments, she’s facing criticism after uploading a quick clip of herself to her Instagram stories and her TikTok account.

Fans divided by Nessa Barrett’s new lip look

In the short video, Nessa poses for the camera, showing off her signature pouty lips. Some fans believe that Nessa may have gotten lip injections — and not all of them are happy about it.

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“They just keep getting bigger,” one critic wrote in the comments section on the popular Instagram tea page ‘TeaTokTalk.’ “She be looking more like a duck now.”

“I am [not] a fan of cosmetic surgery,” another wrote. “Makes me feel bad for kids who look up to her.”

“[Her] lips are ugly,” another said.

Nessa Barrett lip injections criticismInstagram: nessabarrett, teatoktalk

However, fans in the comments section of her TikTok video are all about her new look, with some even asking for the lip liner/gloss combo she used.

nessa fans love new lip lookTikTok: nessabarrett

That’s not all; some viewers couldn’t help but notice that she captioned the clip “booch,” referencing the Instagram handle of her possible new boyfriend, who she was seen with in photos in late November — something that also garnered some criticism.

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This isn’t the first time Nessa has come under fire for her new boo; fans had a similar reaction when they were first photographed together last month, prompting her to lash out at her fanbase in a series of pointed tweets calling them “annoying.”

Nessa is certainly not the first TikToker to face backlash for purported plastic surgery. Most recently, influencer-singer Malu Trevejo received a slew of negative comments after viewers became convinced that she’d gone under the knife, while fellow music artist Madison Beer has had to defend herself from trolls who’ve accused her of lying about receiving cosmetic procedures.

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