Nepenthez becomes first big Mixer streamer to return to Twitch


Craig ‘Nepenthez’ Douglas, one of the biggest streamers on Mixer and a household name within the FIFA community, has become the first big streamer to leave Microsoft’s platform and return to Twitch.

In August 2019, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins shook the streaming world by leaving Twitch and switching over to Mixer, but now the reverse is happening as Nep has revealed that he will no longer be streaming on the platform.

Douglas first started broadcasting on Mixer in March 2019, a few months before the likes of Ninja and Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek switched over, but has now revealed why his time with them has come to an end.

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Mixer: Ninja
Ninja’s move to Mixer made huge waves in the gaming and esports industry as a whole.

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In a statement made on April 30, Nepenthez shared that his time with the platform had expired that day after “an amazing 13 months.”

He went on: “I’m sad we couldn’t reach an agreement to extend my term there. I’m super grateful for the support you guys gave me over there, and can’t wait to get right into the next chapter on Twitch for the foreseeable future.”

He doesn’t go into specifics as to why the two parties couldn’t reach an agreement, but it seems as though he isn’t too happy to be leaving Mixer.

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Across other platforms and social media, Nepenthez has almost 1 million followers on Twitter and 2.2m on YouTube, so he clearly has the capacity to reel in viewers – so it’ll have to be seen whether he sees more success on Twitch.

It’s unlikely we see the likes of Ninja and shroud moving away from Mixer in the near future, especially considering they probably received some pretty hefty contracts to make the switch, and Nep seemed to be happy there based on his sadness that they couldn’t come to an arrangement to elongate his stay.

Douglas’ first Twitch stream will be today, May 1, at around 2pm BST, so it will be interesting to see what he says about the move, or if he speaks on it at all.

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