NELK Boys under fire from fans over plan to recruit first female member

nelk boys with girlsInstagram: nelkboys

Fans of YouTube pranksters NELK Boys are hitting out at the group after they revealed plans to bring in their first-ever female member.

The NELK Boys have been around for years, initially as a group of young men that just played pranks on unsuspecting members of the public.

Since then, they’ve evolved into a full company worth millions of dollars. While still occasionally doing pranks, their content now focuses more on the wilder sides of their life as they travel across the U.S., partying and generally having a crazy time.

Notably, though, they’re still the NELK Boys. There are no women featured as on-camera talent in their YouTube videos or on their podcast — and the fans clearly want it to stay this way.

NELK BoysInstagram: nelkboys
The NELK Boys are most commonly known for their wild lifestyle.

On Tuesday, September 28, NELK uploaded a graphic to their Instagram page with 4.1m followers, detailing instructions for any aspiring women members on how they can be recruited to join NELK.

“Adding a NELK girl to the squad,” it said. “Being hot is definitely important but we’re actually looking for a girl who’s f**king funny and can help us pull off epic pranks!”

They ask for potential recruits to tag them in a 1-minute Instagram video of why they deserve to be the first NELK girl — but fans aren’t particularly impressed.


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NELK fans backlash

While this is clearly something NELK want to do, and could be a huge opportunity for another creator, the response from fans hasn’t been quite so warm, with the Instagram comments alone painting a grim picture.

“For the love of God don’t do this,” begs one user, while another describes it as “the downfall of NELK.”

Others suggest that “this sh*t is going downhill quick” or that “there’s no way this goes well,” pretty accurately representing the most liked comments on the post.

Whether this deters NELK, or even potential recruits, from wanting to go ahead with this, remains to be seen.